Photo by: Anat Saacks


TAMU was born out of my appreciation for having my single pair of beloved, chic yet comfortable pants ready for me - in my closet, ironed and well folded, every  single morning. This, I realized, was too much to ask, as I had only one of them… my closet is packed, but I still found myself trying to dig my one and only pair out of the laundry basket. That’s when it hit me – I’m going to design that "one and only pair" for me and for those who aren’t willing to compromise on elegance, comfort and quality.

My name is Tami Beracha Malchin. I spent my childhood between Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv. After having spent many years in many places around the world, like New York City, San Francisco, and Fontainebleau,  my family and I now live in a small town outside of Tel Aviv.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in Manhattan, and began my career as a graphic designer. After achieving a Master’s degree in psychotherapy, I channeled my attraction towards art by practicing art therapy with kids. 

Art and creation have always been my passion, a destiny waiting to happen.  “TAMU,” a nickname I’ve been called my whole life by my close, loved ones, represents that feeling of closeness and comfort

With a pair of pants – and my passion became a reality. 
Nice to meet you and it’s a pleasure to introduce you to my line.